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Noir - a clojure web framework


Detailed API documentation
Stateful access to cookie values
Public variables and functions: get get-signed put! put-signed!


Detailed API documentation
Functions to work with partials and pages.
Public variables and functions: compojure-route custom-handler defpage defpartial post-route pre-route render url-for


Detailed API documentation
Functions to handle exceptions within a Noir server gracefully.
Public variables and functions:


Detailed API documentation
Allows access to Noir's server options
Public variables and functions: dev-mode? get


Detailed API documentation
Functions for accessing the original request object from within noir handlers
Public variables and functions: ring-request


Detailed API documentation
Simple response helpers to change the content type, redirect, or return a canned response
Public variables and functions: content-type empty json redirect status xml


Detailed API documentation
A collection of functions to handle Noir's server and add middleware to the stack.
Public variables and functions: add-middleware gen-handler load-views load-views-ns restart start stop

Variables and functions in noir.server.handler: add-custom-middleware base-handler wrap-noir-middleware


Detailed API documentation
Stateful session handling functions. Uses a memory-store by
default, but can use a custom store by supplying a :session-store
option to server/start. All keys are stored as strings.
Public variables and functions: clear! flash-get flash-put! get put! remove!


Detailed API documentation
If no pages are defined that match a request, a status page is used based on the
the HTTP status code of the response. This contains the function necessary to get
or set these status pages.
Public variables and functions: get-page set-page!


Detailed API documentation
Simple functions for hashing strings and comparing them. Typically used for storing passwords.
Public variables and functions: compare encrypt


Detailed API documentation
Functions to help run noir on Google App Engine.
Public variables and functions: gae-handler


Detailed API documentation
Helpful middleware functions
Public variables and functions: wrap-utf-8


Detailed API documentation
Basic S3 utils
Public variables and functions: list put! rename! service with-s3


Detailed API documentation
A set of utilities for testing a Noir project
Public variables and functions: has-body has-content-type has-status send-request with-noir


Detailed API documentation
Functions for validating input and setting string errors on fields. 
All fields are simply keys, meaning this can be a general error storage and 
retrieval mechanism for the lifetime of a single request. Errors are not 
persisted and are cleaned out at the end of the request.
Public variables and functions: errors? get-errors has-value? has-values? is-email? max-length? min-length? not-nil? on-error rule set-error
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