noir.server documentation

A collection of functions to handle Noir's server and add middleware to the stack.


(add-middleware func & args)
Add a middleware function to the noir server. Func is a standard ring middleware
function, which will be passed the handler. Any extra args to be applied should be
supplied along with the function.


(gen-handler & [opts])
Get a full Noir request handler for use with plugins like lein-ring or lein-beanstalk.
If used in a definition, this must come after views have been loaded to ensure that the
routes have already been added to the route table.


(load-views & dirs)
Require all the namespaces in the given dir so that the pages are loaded
by the server.


(load-views-ns & ns-syms)
Require all the namespaces prefixed by the namespace symbol given so that the pages
are loaded by the server.


(restart server)
Restart a noir server


(start port & [opts])
Create a noir server bound to the specified port with a map of options and return it.
The available options are:

:mode - either :dev or :prod
:ns - the root namepace of your project
:jetty-options - any extra options you want to send to jetty like :ssl?
:base-url - the root url to prepend to generated links and resources
:resource-options - a map of options for the resources route (:root or :mime-types)
:session-store - an alternate store for session handling
:session-cookie-attrs - custom session cookie attributes


(stop server)
Stop a noir server


(wrap-route route middleware & args)
Add a middleware function to a specific route. Route is a standard route you would
use for defpage, func is a ring middleware function, and args are any additional args
to pass to the middleware function. You can wrap the resources and catch-all routes by
supplying the routes :resources and :catch-all respectively:

(wrap-route :resources some-caching-middleware)