Noir has been deprecated

But it lives on as the library lib-noir, which is used very nicely with Compojure


  • Defining pages

    An in depth look at everything you can do with routes and how you define pages in Noir.

  • Generating HTML

    Your crash course on using Hiccup and partials to generate HTML, as well as a note on alternative templating libraries.

  • Forms and input

    Websites wouldn't be very interesting if they didn't allow for interaction. This is your primer on getting and validating input.

  • Sessions and cookies

    It's time to talk about how we manage state in Noir through sessions and cookies.

  • Middleware

    Sometimes you need to mess around with the request and response maps. Middleware is how you do it.

  • Using Noir with ...

    This is a look into how you can use Noir with other tools such as lein-ring and lein-beanstalk.


  • Noir Blog

    A completely functional blog written from the ground up in Noir

  • Noir on Heroku

    A simple example of getting Noir up on Heroku with a connection to MongoDB as well - by Ignacio Thayer.